Below Our Upcoming shows are lists of some recent shows that may interest you
April 8th, at 2-3 C.T. PM C.T. our guest will be Christopher  West with the Cor Project.  We will talking about is newest projects and book.
April 15th, at 2-3 C.T. PM C.T.  - We will discuss "Acts XXIX"  Writing the NEXT CHAPTER OF THE CHURCH.  Rev. Mr. Steve Mitchell, Director of Parish Renewal and Mary Guilfoyle, Associate Director of Parish Renewal.  We will talk about Fr. Ricardo's XXIX program that will change the Church.
  April 22nd, at 2-3 C.T. PM C.T. our guest will be Stephanie Burke from Devine Intimacy Radio.  Our conversation will be about SPIRITUAL WARFARE AND DISCERNMENT OF SPIRITS
April 29th, at 2-3 C.T. PM C.T. our guest will be Sister Margret Mary with the Pious of St. Joseph missionaries.  We will talk about her compassionate work with our senior citizens.  Sister is full of light, joy and love, don't miss her.


March 11, 2020 at 2-3 PM C.T. our interview was with Fr. Leo Joseph Xavier SdC

Director of the Union of St. Joseph Patron of Suffering and Dying


March 4, 2020 at 2-3 PM C.T. - Our guest was Gabriella Mileti, Director of Special Programs for "The National Italian American Foundation" She will discus the tradition of the Saint Joseph's Day Table - that had it's origins in Sicily.  Legends from the Middle Ages attributed the end of a devastating drought to a prayer-devotion that the Sicilian people made to St. Joseph
March 25, 2020 at 2-3 PM C.T. Our guest was Fr. Dennis Starch, C.S.C. Associate Director of Vocations for the Congregation of Holy Cross U.S.  Fr. will discuss Saint Andre Bessette, known as Brother Andre who was a Holy Cross Brother that built the St. Joseph Oratory in Montreal Canada.  He was is the first saint canonized from the Congregation of Holy Cross. He was known as a miracle healer.  He also had a great love for St. Joseph.  Fr. Dennis will also talk about the Powerful Oratory in Montreal and the Miracles that are still going on.
April 1st, at 2-3 C.T. PM C.T. our guest was Dale Ahlquist, President of the American Chesterton Society and the creator of the popular EWTN series - The Apostle of Common Sense.  Dale is an American author and speaker.  G. K. Chesterton presents a Common Sense Podcast.  We will talk about all things Chesterton.