Below Our Upcoming shows are lists of some recent shows that may interest you

NOVEMBER  25th. at 2-3 PM C.T.


by your host, Christine Rossi

Let's Talk Turkey !! 


DECEMBER  2nd.. at 2-3 PM C.T. -  our guest for the first week of Advent will be Matthew Leonard.  Matthew is a popular speaker and guest on EWTN.  He is the president and author of NEXT LEVEL CATHOLIC, a series of talks to deepen our faith.  We are going to focus on the importance of prayer in times when people are isolate away from their normal life.  Advent is a time of HOPE, LOVE and  GRATITUDE

DECEMBER  9th.. at 2-3 PM C.T.

John Duns Scotus..Champion of the Immaculate Conception  The Feast of the Immaculate Conception , Dec. 8

In 1858 Our Lady Appeared to St. Bernadette Soubirous at Lourdes France. When Bernadette asked the beautiful lady who she is, Mary identified herself in these words..  I AM THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION.. What does this mean  ??

Join our conversation with Fr Patrick Greenough OFM, a Franciscan priest who can tell us all about it. Fr Patrick is an author of a book..THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION..and a popular conference speaker. 



 October  7th. at 2-3 PM C.T. - Our guest was Fr. Richard McAlear --- Fr. McAlear is known internationally for his teaching on the Eucharist and for his Ministry of Healing. For more than thirty years, Fr. McAlear has traveled around the world preaching the mercy and love of God that comes through Jesus Christ.

October  14th. at 2-3 PM C.T. - Our guest was Cameron O’Hearn, director of the documentary "Mass of the Ages" - about the the Latin Mass history and future, and his important work for the faith.

October  21st. at 2-3 PM C.T. - Our guest was  Fr. Chris Alar, MIC - "Father Joseph" - Director of the Association of Marian Helpers  Stockbridge, Massachusetts

The title of our show will be "Helping the despondent survive this up side down world-- Life is worth living, especially now!"

October  28th. at 2-3 PM C.T. - Our guest was: Susan Tassone  Let's talk about Susan's latest book.. "Jesus Speaks to St. Faustina and You".. Susan is the defender of souls in Purgatory and will help us pray for them especially during the month of November.  Please don't miss this show for sure.

November  4th. at 2-3 PM C.T. - Our guest was: "Joan from Rome" The "Rome Bureau Chief" emeritus.  Her Blog is "Joan's Rome" There are also videos by the same name that people can see on EWTN when they air them or by Googling Joans's Rome

We are discussing our new young Saint Blessed Carlo Acutis  - and why Italians love him so much, and learn more about this beautiful young man.

NOVEMBER  11th. at 2-3 PM C.T. -

Our Veterans Day program  


We will discussing Servant of God Fr Vincent Robert Capodanno

Fr Vincent, a Maryknoll missionary left his small Taiwanese parish to support the men and women of the United States Marine Corps and went to serve in South Vietnam. 

 Fr became a Navy chaplain and ultimately was assigned to the United States Marine Corps Infantry Regiment. All faiths attended his services as he went from company to company in the most dangerous situations, carrying no weapon but the Cross of Jesus. 

Admiral Stanley is with the Arch Diocese of the United States Military and will be our guest and will tell us about this war hero, Fr Vincent Capodanno. 


NOVEMBER  18th. at 2-3 PM C.T. -

We continue to honor brave Catholic Chaplains as we talk with my guest,  Fr Hotzee  who is with the Emil Kapaun Guild. Fr Emil Kapaun is known as The Servant of God because of his unselfish devotion to being a chaplain in the war zones.

Captain Chaplain Emil Joseph Kapaun, was a Roman Catholic priest and United States Army captain who served a United States Army chaplain during World War II and the Korean War. He served with the US Army  in Korea where he was captured. He died in a prisoner of war camp. 

His story is truly amazing, a man convicted with the love of God to serve those in harms way. 

Please join us to honor and listen to his story.