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December 18, 2019 at 2-3 PM C.T.  Our guest was Archpriest Michael Kirkland:  Fr. has been ordained for over 35 years as an Orthodox Priest and has served in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Central Ohio since 1987.  We discussed  "The Miraculous ICON of Our Lady of Soufanieh"  (the fountain of Holy Oil); you can contact the Hanna's at 1901 N. 74th Ct., Elmwood Park, IL 60707 or call them at (708 452-5817) for information about getting a small sample of the Holy Oil and the Miracle of the Holy Oil that exudes from the hands of Myrna, who lives in Syria. Myrna has many message from Mary about Unity and Love and also the "Holy Fire in Jerusalem" that thousands of pilgrims travel to bathe in and be part of!! 

                            Click here to see Miracle of the Holy Fire Video

We recommend reading his book "Being CATHOLIC that all can be one" and you also contact Farther for a copy of  "Our Lady of Soufanieh"  ..... at ( and learn much more of these miracles. 




                   Click here for podcast with Archpriest Michael Kirkland